TypeFinder Personality Test

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What is the TypeFinder Personality Test?

The TypeFinder personality test is a personality assessment for the workplace based on the 16 Myers-Briggs type indicators. The goal of the test is to improve communication and understanding in organizations or companies, big and small. TypeFinder will help you discover you inner self based on 4 dimensions of personalities.

What are the 4 Dimensions of Personalities

The 4 dimensions of personalities, as described in MBTI are: 

  1. Extraverted or Introverted
  2. Intuitive or Sensing
  3. Feeling or Thinking
  4. Judging or Perceiving
The results on each dimension are combined to create a four-letter type code, for example INFJ or ESTP. Each of the different 4 letter type codes describe a different personality.

What is Extraverted or Introverted?

This measures how energized you are by the outside world (mingling with people, others) versus quiet time alone.

What is Intuitive or Sensing?

This tests whether you think in terms of concepts and ideas, or facts and reality?

What is Feeling or Thinking?

This measures how much you value cooperation with others, versus personal competence.

What is Judging or Perceiving?

Judging or Perceiving measures how preferable are you to “going with the flow” versus a set plan. 

How long is the TypeFinder Personality Test?

The TypeFinder test takes 15 minutes to be complete.

Who should take the TypeFinder Personality Test?

Organizations, big or small who wish to improve communication and understanding among employees, as well as discover more about each other should take the TypeFinder test.

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